Peace Love Unity Respect "P.L.U.R." Adjustable tie up mask washable reusable face mask - amazon


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In times of pandemic/uncertaintly, hate rhetoric seems to permeate out of people. Hate is the worst kind of disease/virus, and to combat the spread of more "nastiness", I go back to the roots of 90's rave culture:

P.L.U.R. "Peace" "Love" "Unity" and "Respect" were the essential pillars of philosophy/way of life for most that experienced the 90's era rave scene. I believe our World could use a lot more PLUR these days.

Protect yourself/others with these fabric masks, and spread the PLUR to those that need a reminder. We are all humans, we need to uplift each other in order to get out of this.

choice of peace love unity respect - social distancing
universal fit w/ 4 tie-up straps
fully covering both the mouth and nose
inner pocket to insert your choice of filter
made of a 4-way stretchable fabric for added comfort
190 gsm heavy cotton blend
in stock and ready to ship
made in the USA


*All sales are final due to health regulations