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Let's face it. Every girl's got a little Miley, and a little Molly in her.
What does that mean?
That means that we've all got a small dash of the crazy mixed in with the sweet;
The ego and the id;
The bold and sassy, living in harmony with the feminine and classy.

MILEY AND MOLLY is the one-stop fashion brand that caters to every girl's needs. With styles ranging from flirty dresses to boho-inspired prints, MILEY + MOLLY is the brand that understands that someone's sense of style is each to her own; meaning that we wear what we want whenever we want. The heart of MILEY + MOLLY beats to the waves of fashion and trends to stay on top of the hottest styles to bring you something unique, affordable, and easy to wear.

Specializing in trendy basics, from chic tops and dresses to casual outerwear, we've got everything your store or boutique needs to stock up with our latest styles. 

We would love if you came to visit us at:  

1100 S. San Pedro St., Suite #A-6,
Los Angeles, CA 90058

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